Glass Recycling in Knoxville, TN

Wednesday, August 5th, 2020 by Kristen Owenby

When the city of Knoxville decided to stop accepting glass recyclables in 2017, many residents were confused as to how to responsibly dispose of such items. They also didn’t understand why this change had been made.

According to the city’s website, glass broke into tiny pieces that contaminated other recyclables, making it difficult to create a product that was worthwhile to buyers. The city decided to eliminate glass from their curbside recycling program to protect the integrity of the other materials.

Despite the change, it is still possible to recycle glass!

The city of Knoxville provides several drop-off centers that collect clear, brown, and green glass. These are located throughout the city, ranging from the Cedar Bluff vicinity to the Chilhowee Park area. Many of these centers are located at Goodwill stores, and they also accept items like plastics, metals, mixed papers, cardboard, and more. You can learn more about what they do and don’t accept by visiting their website.

The Junkluggers of East Tennessee understands that recycling and sustainability are important to many Knoxville residents. Concern for the environment is the driving force behind our company. We aim to keep 100% of the reusable junk we haul out of landfills by 2025—and we’re well on our way. We recycle or donate everything we can in pursuit of that goal, and we are proud to collect and haul junk for the Knoxville community.

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