How to Responsibly Dispose of Holiday Trash and Junk

Tuesday, December 1st, 2020 by Kristen Owenby

The holidays bring fun and joy into our lives—along with more junk. The holidays mean wrapping paper, cardboard boxes, plastic, decorations, and gifts. But as the new rolls in, what happens to the old? 

Over the holidays, you may decide to go through your bedrooms, closets, attic, or garage. Are you keeping old gifts you don’t want? Is it time to pare down your decorations?

Maybe your attic or garage is piled with odds-and-ends that you no longer need, but just don’t know how to dispose of responsibly?

According to the High Country Conservation Center, trash disposed of between Thanksgiving and New Year’s amounts to 25 million tons of garbage dumped in landfills!

If you plan to do more than sip eggnog and socialize this season, then it’s the perfect time to call the Junkluggers of East Tennessee. We haul off old Christmas trees, decorations, trash, junk, and anything else taking up space in your home. We offer free, no-obligation estimates and donate—or recycle—everything we can. Once we’ve donated your items to a local thrift store, we provide you with a tax-deductible receipt.

Want to celebrate the holidays in an eco-conscious fashion? The following tips will help!

  1. Not all wrapping paper is created equal. Tissue paper and paper with glitter, foil, lamination, or metallic designs are not recyclable. These, unfortunately, must be put in the trash.
  2. Non-paper ornaments cannot be recycled. If you want rid of old ornaments, consider handing them down to family members, hosting an ornament swap, or donating to a thrift store.
  3. Consider wrapping gifts in newspaper, cloth, or tissue paper. While tissue paper can’t be recycled, it can be added to compost heaps.
  4. Never throw electronics in the trash! The Junkluggers of East Tennessee will collect your old or unwanted electronics and recycle them responsibly!
  5. If you need to recycle a live Christmas tree after the New Year, Knox County residents can drop off trees (cleared of all ornaments, tinsel, garlands, lights, wire, and other decorations) at certain locations throughout the region. Keep an eye on for updates on where to drop off trees.

Enjoy a fun-filled holiday season, but make it a responsible, productive one! Call the Junkluggers of East Tennessee today to schedule an estimate.

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