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Before and After Cleaning Out an Apartment Near Newport, TN

The team helped out a customer near Newport, TN who was moving out of an apartment. We were able to donate and recycle a chunk of the load, which included boxes, trash bags, furniture, old appliances, and more. 

Removing a Treadmill in Kodak, TN

The team visited a resident in Kodak, TN who was upgrading her exercise equipment. We loaded up and hauled away a treadmill, making room for new items. 

Removing Items in Corryton, TN

A customer was selling a home and needed items cleared out ASAP. Our team collected furniture, exercise equipment, and more. We were able to fit it all in the back of our truck and donated 90% of what we collected.

Junk Removal in Norris, TN

A repeat customer contacted us to request the removal of various items they no longer needed or wanted. Our team promptly arrived and removed all of the items, and as part of our service, we also made arrangements to donate a portion of the items to a charitable organization in line with our core value to give back to the community.

Removing Junk in Seymour, TN

A customer had a variety of items that needed taking away, including a table, piano, concrete bench, exercise bike, side table, and much more. Most of the items were salvageable, so we donated these to a local KARM store. 

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